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We Make You Look Beautiful

A beautiful boudoir photography session is the culmination of over 25 years experience in boudoir photos. No other photographer or studio in either Oklahoma City or anywhere in Oklahoma has the ability or knowledge that Fantasy Photography uses every day to create those beautiful, romantic, and sexy photos that have made us renown throughout the state and beyond. Our portrait photography and bridal boudoir photography has been praised for decades, and you can be assured that our professionalism will immediately put you at ease.  A female is available to work with you, should you desire.

We are able to make every one of our clients feel attractive and beautiful before, during, and after their boudoir photo shoot. No matter what the shape (our plus size boudoir photography is just amazing) or age (youngest is 18 and the oldest, so far, is 74 yrs old), we flatter your best features to create pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime. To quote one of our recent ladies: "You Made Me Look REAL GOOD!!!"

Best of all, there’s no pressure. We offer a free consultation to come in and ask questions. You will find that your boudoir photo album is the perfect present for that special person in you life. This is a unique gift that only you can give the person who has everything .

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"After 20 years of marriage, I wanted to give my husband something really different. Dan, what a true delight you were to work with! From the moment I arrived, you welcomed me and made me feel relaxed. This was well worth the long drive [150 miles]. My husband now wants me to do even sexier photos next time. I guess I’ll be seeing you again real soon." -- P. C.

 "My boyfriend is going to love these! ... And if he doesn't, there are plenty of guys who will!"-- D. S. [age 49]


Fantasy Photography
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